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ABB installs solar power at its factory in Vietnam

ABB recently inaugurated a 75 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) installation at its high voltage and distribution solutions factory in BacNinh province in Vietnam.

The electricity generated is used to power a waste water treatment system, a canteen serving more than 200 people and part of the factory’s lighting.

Earlier this year, ABB also deployed its own smart technologies to commission the wastewater plant at the factory premises. Now the factory has an even lower impact on the surrounding environment, by running on clean energy.

The key components of the system include ABB three-phase solar inverters (TRIO-27.6, TRIO-TM-50.0), an ABB Weather Station (VNS800) and an ABB smart ACB Ekip, technologies that use the ABB Ability™ digital capabilities.

The solar inverters are used to convert direct current, generated by the solar panels, into high-quality alternating current that can be fed into the power grid.

ABB’s new TRIO-TM-50.0 is modular, with three separately wired and configurable modules, a DC side module, an AC side module, and the inverter module.

All the inverters are controlled, maintained and monitored remotely through web-enabled devices (smartphone, tablet or PC).

The VSN800 Weather Station was installed to automatically monitor site meteorological conditions and PV panel temperature in real-time, transmitting sensor measurements to the ABB Ability™ platform.

The ACB Ekip enables the renewable energy to be integrated with the existing grid supply. The systems also has built in load shedding, monitoring and protection features thus optimising operations and maximising uptime of the system.

All the data is available in the cloud providing end-to-end real-time visibility of the entire installation.

“With this solar power installation, we are able to demonstrate ABB technologies’ ability to operate comfortably in the challenging Vietnamese weather and it allows us to save energy, support peak hour demand and reduce dependence on the grid,” said Doan Luong Huy, ABB High Voltage Products Factory General Manager.