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SAIC Motor builds Chinese auto industry’s first AI lab

The SAIC Motor Artificial Intelligent Laboratory, the first one of its kind in China’s auto industry, has been opened in Shanghai.

Based on SAIC Motor’s cloud computing and big data platforms, the newly established lab is expected to develop AI applications and offer advanced AI solutions to promote the deep integration of internet technology and the auto industry, and improve the Group’s innovation capacity and core competitiveness.

The SAIC Motor AI Lab, as an important part of the Group’s core competitiveness, will make full use of the Group’s various application scenarios to focus on intelligent travel, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent driving with the aim of offering technological support to its new targets: electrification, intelligent networking, sharing and internationalisation.

According to the Group’s plan, the AI lab will develop core AI technologies for SAIC Motor by paying close attention to cutting-edge AI technologies around the world, support the its subsidiaries to establish their own AI technology application teams, and offer those teams deep learning opportunities.

The lab will also provide AI solutions to the technological difficulties SAIC Motor’s subsidiaries meet in their development.

In terms of intelligent travel, Global Car Sharing and Rental Co. Ltd. or Global Chexiang, the largest timeshare rental company for new energy vehicles in the world and built by SAIC Motor, has covered 62 Chinese cities with 27,000 licensed vehicles and 2.5 million register members.

ANJI-CEVA Logistics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, owns 120 stores in 38 Chinese cities with a fleet of 10,000 vehicles and approximately 2 million individual members.

SAIC Motor plans to integrate the relevant services offered by Global Chexiang and ANJI, and use its own big data and AI technologies to construct its upcoming ride-hailing company into a service platform for intelligent travel with comprehensive functions and advanced technologies.