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Omron launches suite of traceability products to extend automation portfolio

Omron Automation Americas is releasing an array of new traceability products developed within the Omron Microscan Business.

The Hawk MV-4000, MicroHawk ID-45 and HS-360X are now featured products within the company’s complete automation portfolio.

The launch follows the acquisition of Microscan Systems, in late 2017, which Omron says is an ‘industry-leading automation solutions provider” through which the company has gained a wealth of barcode reading and machine vision technologies that dramatically boost its overall automation capabilities. 

Three key traceability-related products from Omron Microscan are now being released as part of the company’s extensive automation solutions.

The Hawk MV-4000 smart camera, the MicroHawk ID-45 reader and HS-360X handheld reader are core components of traceability solutions for automotive and electronics manufacturing, food and beverage packaging, and a plethora of other industries.

Each industry presents unique requirements for traceability, and Omron prides itself on having the optimal solution for every automation challenge.

The unparalleled ruggedness of the HS-360X barcode reader focused toward direct part mark applications, is impact resistant and rated to an IP67 environmental protection category, making it ideal for the automotive industry and any environment involving tough conditions and harsh industrial fluids.

The Hawk MV-4000 also boasts a highly rugged casing for its powerful machine vision capabilities that reach near-PC processing speeds.

The ultra-compact MicroHawk ID-45 features best-in-class lighting technology for reliable, accurate and lightning-fast barcode decoding of both printed labels as well as direct part marks.

These three technologies bolster Omron’s standing as a trusted partner in every aspect of automation, particularly traceability and inspection.

As industry regulations expand, traceability is becoming a much more important aspect of manufacturing than ever before.

With the addition of the Hawk MV-4000, HS-360X and MicroHawk ID-45, Omron’s extensive automation solutions are ready to resolve the traceability challenges of the future as well as those of today.