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ABB Ability opens ‘marketplace’ for its electrical and industrial apps

ABB has launched an app store, or marketplace, in which the company now includes its Electrical Distribution Control System and other industrial apps.

The ABB Ability Marketplace has a European version and a US counterpart, Ability being ABB’s industrial internet of things platform.

The company says that, with the unveiling of the ABB Ability Marketplace, in a primary release, ABB is making available its software services in one central online location, offering customers full flexibility to purchase and tailor their digital solutions portfolio. 

The Electrification Products division is leveraging the ABB Ability Marketplace for the commercialization of the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System through a software-as-a-service model, carrying the electrical distribution system for plants and buildings into a new digital era in a fast and easy way.

The ABB Ability Electrical Distributed Control System works by gathering and analyzing data from customers’ plants, combining them with the knowledge and expertise gained from ABB’s global installed base.

Tarak Mehta, president of ABB’s Electrification Products division, says: “We are very proud to be launching this unique platform.

“ABB is at the cutting edge of digital solutions, and the ABB Ability Marketplace makes it easier than ever for our customers to unlock the potential of our connected products and services for the benefit of their businesses.”

With the ABB Ability Marketplace, electrification products and solutions will enter a new era, embracing the digital transformation. New technologies like IoT and machine learning unlock unlimited opportunities to deliver valuable energy-related services on top of the solid ABB Electrification Products portfolio.

Through Marketplace, ABB’s customers can subscribe easily to the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System, the cloud-based platform that collects, monitors and analyzes energy consumption and demand, providing real-time insights for optimization with no need to invest in complex, time-consuming, and expensive onsite solutions.

With ABB’s subscription-based model, customers have the opportunity to try the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System free for the first five months and upgrade to a standard paid version after the trial period.

With the add-on model, customers will be able to add features like predictive maintenance and many others that will become available on the platform in the future.

In that way, customers will pay only for what they use and will not have to invest upfront to benefit from the new Energy Digital Era.

The ABB Ability Marketplace introduces a huge improvement to ABB’s digital products, as well. From now on, installers and panel builders can upgrade and configure additional software functions for ABB’s electrical products in just two steps: buy and configure.

Upgrading a model case and air-insulated circuit breaker with more measurement and protection functions or activating an automatic transfer switch and load-shedding capabilities will be as easy as buying a book from your favorite online shop.

The ABB Ability Marketplace will offer software and data services, such as Renewable Insights, to furnish information for siting wind and solar projects in North America and I-SEM Insights to provide trading analysis tools for the Irish electricity market.

It is the turnkey solution to address the growing market of distributed energy resources and their optimization.

The full launch of the ABB Ability Marketplace is scheduled for later this year. The current release’s scope incorporates ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System subscriptions, an add-on in Europe, with a US version coming soon.

More digital solutions will be available soon and will be added to the online catalogue, says ABB.