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Space scientists are building ‘robotoids’ because ‘humans never went to the moon’, says researcher

Space scientists are developing humanoid robots that they can send to the moon and other celestial bodies because human beings are biologically incapable of leaving Earth’s protective layers without dying, according to an alternative historian.

Michael Tsarion, who is a well-known conspiracy buff and has a massive following, shares an opinion that, in fact, is held by many millions of people around the world.

That view is that the Apollo moon landing in 1969, led by Neil Armstrong, was a hoax and the filming for it was done by Stanley Kubrick, the famous director who made classic sci-fi films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey

A large proportion of what could be called the “alternative research community” is of the opinion that the radiation belt around Earth and other factors mean that human beings are literally incapable of going to outer space using the technology we currently have.

“I’m a person who totally does not believe that we ever went to the moon, and that the whole thing was fictional,” says Tsarion in an interview with a radio show, published on YouTube – probably one of many instances when he and others have made such claims.

“I think we’ve landed probes on it – unmanned probes. I think we’ve even gone up there to certain heights. We have spacecraft that can go up there.

“But landing on the moon in the way that was portrayed to us with these Apollo missions? Absolutely not.

“In fact, it’s impossible with the types of things they’ve shown us – with the shuttle stuff with the thin walls – to pass through those radiation belts.”

Tsarion admits he’s not an expert on this specific subject, but cites sources who are top scientists and insiders who also believe that Armstrong and the others did not actually go to the moon.

“These individuals [the astronauts] – they were imagining they were there,” claims Tsarion. “A lot of these people were either under mind control or they were complicit in the act.”

Essentially, alternative historians – or “conspiracy theorists”, as some would call them – are adamant that humans in the spacecraft we currently have cannot safely pass through the radiation belts and the ionosphere around Earth.

“That’s why I believe there’s a lot of emphasis on cloning now, on cyborgs, on virtual reality, of trying to create maybe robotoid beings that can go and do that [go through the radiation belts and ionosphere],” says Tsarion.

Tsarion adds that he believes “grey aliens” of the type supposedly found at the famous Roswell crash site, at Area 51 – believed to be a military research facility in central USA – in the 1950s are similar to what he is describing.

“They’re maybe semi-organic, but they’re actually computeroid,” says Tsarion of the “greys”, an abbreviated term now widely used in the conspiracy community.

“I think they [the greys] are controlled by people on Earth. Based on the way they react, I believe they’re remote-controlled beings.

“So, I believe there’s experimentation in Area 51 to try and make a hybrid or semi-organic, computer-type, robotoid individual that might be able to do certain work in an advanced way on the moon.

“But nobody [meaning, no human] has been on the moon because if they had had gone to the moon, they’d have now gone beyond that.

“By now, they would’ve already had a manned mission to Mars.”

If anyone wants proof, says Tsarion, they can watch science-fiction films, which very often give it away.

“The original story was a makeshift fabrication – a Hollywood concoction, actually,” says Tsarion.