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Hanwha presents ‘Solar Forest’ project to United Nations

South Korean industrial giant Hanwha has made a presentation at the United Nations in which it explained more about its so-called “Solar Forest” project. 

Hanwha claims to be “the world’s leading solar energy solutions provider”, and established its Solar Forest project in 2011.

Since then, Hanwha claims to have planted 490,000 trees in six new forests in China, Mongolia, and South Korea. 

“This is enough to cover more than 180 football fields,” Hanwha told the UN’s high-level political forum. “A seventh forest will be planted near Incheon, a major city in South Korea, in the second half of 2018 to help reduce dust levels.”

What Hanwha seems to do is plant a forest next to its solar power plants.

hanwha solar forest

Approximately 70 companies, organizations, and government bodies took part in the UN forum, which is aimed at establishing sustainable development goals – or industrial process which are less harmful to the atmosphere.

Speaking at the meeting at UN headquarters in New York, USA, Gaz Shin, Hanwha communications committee director, said: “As the world’s leading solar energy solutions provider, Hanwha takes climate change very seriously.

“Hanwha will take the lead in finding solutions to address the major environmental problems today.”