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Pizza Hut introduces robot waiter from Woowa Brothers in Korea

Pizza Hut has introduced robot waiters from Woowa Brothers in its South Korean restaurants, according to the Korea Times

The robot, which is called Dilly Plate, is similar to machines produced by Savioke and others, and makes short-distance deliveries, within the restaurant.

We don’t have pictures of it ourselves, but one can be seen on the Korea Times website.

As quoted by Korea Times, Cho Yoon-sang, Pizza Hut Korea’s Chief Marketing Officer, says: “We will actively adopt new technologies to satisfy both our employees and customers and make various attempts in line with food tech development.”

As well as the Dilly Plate, Woowa Brothers also offers a food delivery app and has invested in other robotics development.

And as quoted by Korea Joong Ang Daily, Kim Bong-jin, CEO and founder of Woowa Brothers, says: “The robotics we are interested in encompass delivery, connectivity and artificial intelligence.

“When a robot delivers, delivery charges that normally range between 3,000 won and 4,000 won will go down to as much as several hundred won.

“The price of food that consumers think is appropriate in proportion to the amount of delivery charge is 18,000 won to 20,000 won. Not many are willing to pay a 4,000 won delivery fee for a 7,000 won dish. ”

One US dollar is approximately equivalent to 1,000 South Korean won.

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