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All stocks on the Robotics and Automation News list show growth

This website does not give financial or investment advice – we would need a specific license for that.

But we made a list a couple of years ago of industrial companies related to our news coverage, and all of them – without exception – have seen increases in their share prices over a 52-week period, with several growing by more than 50 percent.

That is true for each of the past two years we have analyzed. In fact, last year when we checked, many more companies – at least 10 – had grown by more than 50 percent. Probably because last year saw an intensification in the wider public’s interest in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence.

Much as we’d like to, we don’t claim to be responsible for some of this, but it may interest readers to know that our website audience has grown by several hundred percent in the past two years, to almost a quarter of a million unique visitors a month. Ironically, some of it may be bots, but that is true of most websites these days.

We made the list more as a way of learning about the sector and to see which companies to watch and write about. 

And the increases across the board may be typical of share markets – we wouldn’t really know since we’re not all that knowledgeable about how share prices move.

But obviously, something is going right with the 50 or so companies we have included in the list, although we are not suggesting using it as a guide for investments – just for information purposes.

It’s been reported in the media, and on this website, that investment funds which include a range of shares in robotics and automation-related companies have been doing well.

So, it’s quite gratifying to find that the companies we have picked also fit into that positive picture.

We probably will update the list to include additional companies, but so far, so good.

You can check out our list on our Stocks & Shares page. Scroll sideways to see other columns, such as “52-week change”.

All prices are near-real-time.