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Techman Robot to double production capacity

The Techman Robot company is planning to double production capacity, according to a report on

The company shipped approximately 2,000 units in 2017 and expects that figure to “expand exponentially” to 4,000 this year, reports DigiTimes.

Techman, which is part of the Quanta Group, says it is expanding to meet anticipated demand for its robotic arm. 

Techman recently signed a partnership agreement with Omron, one of the largest industrial automation providers in the world.

The agreement has been in place for little over a month but has generated sales of more than 100 units, according to DigiTimes.

The two companies are looking to integrate Omron’s mobile autonomous vehicle with Techman’s robotic arm to create a hybrid robot of a type which currently has no name.

Similar machines are being developed by other companies such as Kuka, Comau and others, and are expected to be used in warehouses and within manufacturing facilities for intralogistics or material transport.

At the moment, automated guided vehicles are probably the most widely used machine for this type of task.