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Plex Systems acquires factory data company Dattus

Plex Systems, a provider of cloud enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems software, has acquired Dattus, a supplier of industrial internet of things connectivity technologies.

Dattus solutions connect manufacturing equipment and sensors to the cloud, manage high-volume data streams, and analyze in-motion equipment data to optimize performance, reduce costs, and ensure uptime.

The acquisition is expected to accelerate Plex’s IIoT strategy, extending the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to new streams of machine data and the underlying intelligence. The acquisition was completed last month. 

Dattus has been driving IIoT technology innovation with a mission to capture and leverage data from the millions of machines, sensors, and devices running in manufacturing operations around the world.

Dattus brings to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud three major capabilities that will become central to Plex’s long-term IIoT roadmap: IIoT Connectivity, IIoT Data Management, and IIoT Data Analysis.

IIoT Connectivity: Dattus has simplified machine connectivity, providing plug-and-play solutions that work with the wide variety of protocols and data types used by equipment and sensors on the manufacturing shop floor.

IIoT Data Management: the Dattus IIoT platform captures and manages the extraordinary volume and variety of machine data to support real-time visibility into activity across production operations.

IIoT Data Analysis: Dattus analytics enable operational and business leaders to understand IIoT data in motion, providing decision support in areas such as predictive maintenance and machine performance.

Dattus technology and solutions will become part of the Plex IIoT roadmap, effective immediately, and the company will provide further updates on new products and packages later in 2018.

Richard Murray, chief product officer for Plex Systems, says: “Plex pioneered the connection of machines and sensors to the cloud, ushering in the Industrial Internet of Things.

“Dattus represents the next generation in IIoT, and accelerates our mission to make machine connectivity as simple as adding a smart thermostat to your home.

“We see this as an opportunity for a major step forward in both connectivity and utilization of machine data to drive efficiency, performance, and innovation on the shop floor.”

Don Clarke, interim chief executive officer for Plex Systems, says: “Plex has a robust ISV and services partner ecosystem dedicated to extending the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to equipment, sensors, and devices across plant environments.

“We expect the new technologies and solutions we’re bringing onboard with Dattus to be a powerful and complementary addition to that partner network, adding new capabilities that our partners can leverage to deliver even more robust solutions to our mutual customers.”

Anurag Garg, chief executive officer of Dattus, says: “Plex is an ideal fit for Dattus, as we share the same central vision of transforming manufacturing in the cloud.

“I’m confident that our work in machine connectivity, data management, and analytics will be a major force in that transformation going forward, and I couldn’t be happier to join Plex.”

Matthew Littlefield, president and principal analyst for LNS Research, says: “The IIoT Platform space is one of the fastest growing technology markets today.

“In just a few short years we already see adoption rates at 15 percent with another 23 percent of companies in the pilot phase. The acquisition of Dattus compliments and extends the current capabilities of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

“With a successful integration of the two companies, Plex will be well positioned to holistically address the needs of many industrial companies pursuing a Digital Transformation initiative.”