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Robots nab $100,000 in art competition while human artists continue to starve

A robotic painting system called “CloudPainter” has won the 2018 art competition run by

Judges say CloudPainter was “able to paint evocative portraits with varying degrees of abstraction”.

The CloudPainter system was created by an independent artist from the US, called Pindar Van Arman. (See video below.)

Van Arman, who works from a studio with collaborators, appears to use a range of relatively low-cost robotic arms which are connected to a network of computers.

The key component of the system is the software, which features artificial intelligence algorithms, which seem to have been made available online.

robot art cezanne style
A Cézanne recreated by the CloudPainter robotic art parting system, built by Pindar Van Arman

Van Arman says: “My first machines were plotter printers that simply dipped a brush in paint and dragged it from point to point.

“My most recent robotic arms, however, use feedback loops, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to operate at the cutting edge of computational creativity.”

Robot Art has made the not-insignificant sum of $100,000 available in prize money for the competition, and CloudPainter was awarded $40,000 for being the winner.

robot art joanne-hastie-abstract
Art by robot created by Joanne Hastie

The full list of winners published by Robot Art, along with the prize money they won, are as follows:

Honorable mentions were given to:


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