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Aerodynamics: Mercedes claims its new A-Class Sedan is the most aerodynamic car in the world

Automakers are always looking to improve the aerodynamic quality of their vehicles and there is an ongoing competition to outdo each other in this area. 

Better aerodynamics have the benefit of making a car more fuel-efficient, but it can also mean that it goes faster.

Mercedes-Benz now claims that its new car is most aerodynamic in the world. 

“With a Cd value of 0.22 and a frontal area of 2.19 m², the new A-Class Sedan has the lowest drag of any production vehicle worldwide and thereby defends the original world record of the CLA Coupé,” claims Mercedes.

The letters ”cd” refer to drag coefficient – the lower the number, the less the drag.

The company says the aerodynamics engineers at Mercedes-Benz have been repeatedly setting new records “for three decades now”.

The world record is currently held by the new A-Class Sedan with a Cd value of 0.22 and a drag of less than 0.49 m2. With a Cd value from 0.25, the new A-Class hatchback, too, surpasses its already excellent predecessor (Cd value: from 0.26/frontal area: 2.20 m2).

The good aerodynamic properties make a key contribution to low fuel consumption under everyday conditions.

The A-Class Sedan was optimised down to the smallest detail by a multiplicity of computation loops, CAE simulations (computer-aided engineering) and measurements in the wind tunnel in Sindelfingen.

In addition to the “outstanding exterior shape”, there are many small measures that led to the new record: a sophisticated reduction of the frontal area despite significantly improved interior comfort dimensions, an extensive sealing concept – such as the sealing of the headlamp surroundings – as well as almost complete panelling of the underbody, which includes the engine bay, main floorpan, parts of the rear axle and the diffuser.

The front and rear wheel spoilers were optimised specifically to route the air around the wheels as efficiently as possible.

The rims and tyres also underwent aerodynamic fine-tuning. Depending on the market, an optional two-part shutter system behind the radiator grille is available, which minimises the airflow through the engine bay.

The A-Class Saloon will launch at the end of 2018. The four-door notchback has the wheelbase of the hatchback (2729 millimetres) as well as the proportions of a dynamic and yet compact saloon with short overhangs at front and rear.

It is at the top of its segment with regard to rear headroom. In addition, the saloon model has the familiar A-Class virtues.

These include modern, efficient engines, a high level of safety thanks to state-of-the-art driving assistance systems with S-Class functions, and the intuitively operated and learning MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system.

The new streamlined A-Class Saloon will be built in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and Rastatt, Germany.

It was developed in Sindelfingen, Germany.