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Yanmar launches new autonomous tractors

A Japanese company called Yanmar has launched a couple of new autonomous tractors which it says will help farmers save time and money.

The vehicles are set to be on sale from October and cost around $97,000 to $127,000 each.

Autonomous farm machines were once the subject of science fiction, but Yanmar has made them a reality with the introduction of its new “2-Series” tractors. 

The “robot tractors” are equipped with Yanmar’s “innovative information and communications technology – which utilizes precision positioning data and robot technology.

The new autonomous driving vehicles are designed to “greatly enhance farm management efficiency, while realizing significant labor-savings”, says Yanmar.

yanmar autonomous tractor 2

Agricultural machinery equipped with the “SmartPilot” autonomous operating system will fortify Yanmar’s lineup of industrial farm machinery.

In addition to the unmanned Robot Tractors that will help reduce the number of manual laborers required in the field, Yanmar has introduced a lineup of auto tractors that deliver high-precision work with minimal human operation, all based on the company’s vast experience and deep knowledge in the farming field.

Also, those who already own a YT tractor can upgrade their equipment with the auto robot functions※.

At the technological center of the new Robot and Auto Tractors is Yanmar’s ICT, which was developed to address the various challenges that have faced the farming industry in recent years.

This includes challenges such as the necessity of large-scale management of aggregated farmland, as bigger farms need more management, as well as the twin challenges of an aging labor force and fewer young workers joining the workforce.

By supporting farm management with integrated control – automated recording – based on information from the sensor network, ICT promotes greater production and management efficiency.

This, in turn, results in added value for agriculture and crops, in areas such as larger scale farming, increased crop quality, and augmented branding functions.

By providing various services with ICT, Yanmar says it will continue to strive to improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual labor for its customers, as it continues to lead the way in advancing sustainable farming.