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6 tips for passing the Cisco CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 certification exam


If you are a new student, then probably you are wondering what Cisco 300-135 certification exam is.

Cisco 300-135 test is a 2-hour online exam administered by Cisco through accredited institutions.

The exam usually contains 15-25 questions and the formal prerequisite for this test is CCNP Routing and Switching. 

Upon completion and passing, one receives CCNP certification.

This certification indicates that the successful candidate has acquired the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Properly plan and maintain complex enterprise routed and switched networks
  • Use the technological approach and systematic ITIL-compliant way to conduct network troubleshooting
  • In this article, we present you the best tips to pass this exam.

1. Organize your revision

Certainly, trying to cover every topic at a go won’t get you anywhere. It is necessary to have an organized revision that will help you achieve your goals without stressing every muscle in your body. First, find a good place to study – away from distraction.

Log out of various social media accounts that may distract you during the study. Have a comfortable room, a study table or anything that works for you!

The next thing is to create a schedule. This will guide you on the topics you need to concentrate and the duration of your study.

It is a bad idea to accumulate all your studies so that you read at a go – the proper schedule will help you spread out all the topics to be covered within a certain period of time – PrepAway 300-425 ENWLSD.

It is recommended that you start reading for your exam early enough in order to avoid the last minute rush. In your schedule, allocate as much time as possible to every topic in your study.

Also, when planning your revision, have a reasonable study targets that you can reach. Studying all topics, the night before the exam will not do any good, neither will be studying a month before tests and partying until the day of the test.

Organize your time in such a way that you can retain the most important information on every topic. Gauge your ability and use it as a guide when setting your targets.

2. Revise actively

Reading some plain text in your notes can be quite boring and exhausting. It is time to kick in some creativity to make studying fun. Engage yourself! Use a bright colored pen and highlight the main points throughout your study.

You can also write question cards. This will not only make it fun but also acts as a way to measure your understanding levels.

Also, try asking yourself open-ended questions after each topic you have covered. Think about any possible twists in the question and how you can tackle them.

It is a fact that any small changes can trap you and thinking become your savior at such moments.

Another strategy is to have a recap session. Stop at regular intervals and try to remember what you have learned. Write a brief summary of what you remember on a piece of paper and note down some main points using a different colored pen or a marker.

Alternatively, represent your information in a doodle or a scheme of what you have read. This trick is useful when dealing with work that has a particular flow or process.

3. Practice

The more you practice, the more you understand! The course is not something that you can memorize and think that you are set for an exam.

No matter how well you think you have mastered the course, practice is mandatory. You can practice using self-generated questions or by using past Cisco exam papers as your guide.

This will help you to familiarize with the questions, how they are set and possible twists in the formats.

First of all, use CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 Exam Questions. Then, find out similar questions to that of the certification exam.

Most of the exam practice questions are available online in form of blogs, premium files, exam dumps, and tutorials.

A great idea is to use VCE player when doing a question as you’ll get a complete understanding of the real exam environment and this will improve your time management during exams.

An alternative way to practice is to teach someone. This may look odd but it works wonders. Get someone who knows a little about the topic and explains to him/her what it is.

This makes you elaborate, illustrate and make it precise without losing the core points. In the process, your mind gets to internalize the information and may even help you understand what you hadn’t before.

4. Have the correct study material

The tips mentioned above may not be helpful if the material you are using to study is not legitimate. Fortunately, these study materials are available online, and better still – some of them are free.

There are various websites offering practice questions and tutorials. You can find informative ExamSnap tutorials by Cisco-certified instructors for the CCNP TSHOOT 300-135 Exam Questions.

A qualified instructor will help you understand major topics associated with Cisco certified exams and possibly clear the wave of confusion that comes with exams.

5. Refresh your memory

It is possible that you may not remember everything you have read when the exam comes. The trick here is to go through the old information before embarking on new ones in order to remind yourself.

Make use of the points you have been noting when revising. To make it quick, use keywords as this makes it easy to remember and saves you the time you could have wasted going through unnecessary information.

6. Eat healthy food, hydrate and rest!

Yes, rest! Don’t waste your precious time straining to read when you are tired because you are not likely to make any progress. Take occasional breaks to clear your mind and relax. This helps to boost your concentration and raises your thinking capacity.

Ensure that you eat a healthy meal and you get enough sleep prior to exams. Having enough rest will make you sober throughout the exam period and therefore boosts your score.


With these tips, you don’t need to panic when the 300-135 exam is mentioned. Following them carefully will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass Cisco CCNPtest. With a calm mind, focus and the exam will be a walkover.

Good luck!