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nidec s-cart agv

Nidec-Shimpo launches new versions of its S-Cart automated guided vehicle

Nidec-Shimpo has launched new versions of its automated guided vehicle, the S-Cart. (See video below.)

The company says it will begin shipping the new model of AGV – equipped with a “Follow-Me” function – as soon as possible.

Additionally, the company has also developed a separate new model equipped with a “Return-To-Home” function as well as a model designed to carry a maximum payload of 500 kg. 

The new model to be launched by Nidec-Shimpo is based on the company’s guideless navigation AGV “S-Cart” – the 100 kg payload version – that hit the market in 2016, and has been updated with a function that lets it track and follow a person or object.

The newly developed S-CART model with the Return-To-Home function is said to be capable of automatically generating a path towards, and returning to, a designated “home” location.

nidec-shimpo s-cart agv

Nidec gave live demonstrations of the S-Cart’s “Follow-Me” and “Return-To-Home” functions at the recent Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo in Tokyo, Japan.

As well as adding new functions and capabilities to its AGVs, Nidec has also made changes to the accompanying controller tablet.

The company says the control application has been “completely redesigned”, resulting in an “improved layout with higher usability”. The signal strength of the tablet has also been increased.

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