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Hitachi shows off advanced mobility technology at Japan auto show

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. showed its autonomous driving and electrification-related products at The Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 in Nagoya Japan in mid-July.

Among its autonomous driving products was “360o sensing technology” whichdetects surroundings by combining peripheral recognition sensors such as cameras and radars, and “safety control technology” which uses data from the sensing technology.

Additionally, “Auto Valet Parking” was displayed, showing a use case of autonomous driving where a car can automatically park and pull out of a parking space near a set destination without a driver by following directions from the control centre.

Also, a high-efficiency engine system with improved fuel-economy was featured. It has achieved increased thermal efficiency and reduced environmental load through the use of simulation and analytical technology alongside continuous development of individual components.

The company also showcased a new exhibit featuring the actuation system equipped on a VCR Engine that seamlessly shifts pistons to the highest position to optimise compression ratios, with the aim of greater efficiency.