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Contec Americas opens $6.3 million modern new US headquarters and manufacturing facility

Contec Americas has decided to invest $6.3 million into an expansion program in the US, which includes spending on new headquarters location in Melbourne, Florida.

The company says the decisions are being driven by “rapid growth” in the industrial internet of things market and record sales.

Contec is a technology design, manufacturing, and integration company. 

Its investment of $6.3 million in the new facility in response to its “continued growth in the embedded systems, input-output board, and IIoT markets”.

The move is one of several big announcements from the company over the past year which include the opening of its Chicago office and the launch of its C5 Embedded Computer based on the Intel Compute Card.

Alex Blochtein, CEO of Contec Americas, says: “Our business is centered around delivering leading-edge technology hardware to solve problems for our customers. Our growth is propelled by our customer-focused support services and our relentless commitment to quality.

“As the demand for machine-to-machine communication and IoT grows, we’re seeing a rapid increase in the need for processing power to support it. Our new facility gives us the space and expanded infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of our current and new customers. It also provides a desirable location for recruiting new talent.”

The new location houses Contec’s US production and fulfillment as well as engineering, procurement, sales, and other administrative and executive teams.

The fully remodeled space features:

  • Expanded Lean, cell-based production floor with factory automation and proprietary production control and traceability system.
  • A visitor showroom displaying Contec’s ConProSys M2M/IoT line, embedded and industrial box PCs, and market-specific custom solutions in the areas of healthcare, factory automation, transportation, gaming, security and simulation.
  • Glass walls, open floorplan layout, with multiple collaboration spaces and modern sit-and-stand desk to maximize communication, efficiency, and comfort.
  • ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certifications

Contec’s inaugural event included a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by tours of the new building, live product demonstrations, and guest reception.