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Omron agrees sale of its Laserfront business

Omron has agreed the sale of its Laserfront business to Towa Corporation, manufacturer of semiconductor molding machines.

Omron and Towa reached the agreement to transfer all those stocks of Omron Laserfront owned by Omron to Towa. The stock transfer will be completed on August 1, 2018.

Omron Laserfront is involved in semiconductor manufacturing and is one of the affiliated companies of Omron Corporation. 

It specializes in the manufacturing, sales and after-sale services of laser oscillators and specialized machine tool equipped with laser oscillator including “laser trimmer” and “wafer marker”.

known as a leading supplier of laser trimmer machines, Omron Laserfront has a solid customer base in manufacturers of electronic parts and semiconductors.

Omron has been strengthening its business portfolio management while developing business growth cycle and enhancing profitability.

The company says the acquisition is in line with its long-term strategy.