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Volkswagen Group reorganises components in era of e-mobility

In future, Volkswagen’s component development and production activities will become an independent corporate entity under the umbrella of Volkswagen AG with effect from January 2019.

For many years, the strengths of Group Components, with 56 plants and about 80,000 employees throughout the world, have included the development and production of strategic vehicle components, from engines, transmissions and electric motors through to steering systems and lightweight parts.

The independent corporate entity “Group Components” is designed to improve efficiency and optimise investments with a view to ensuring a coordinated entry to e-mobility.

Thomas Schmall, Board Member for Components of the Volkswagen brand and Head of Group Components, says: “The realignment of Group Components will make us even more efficient and competitive. We are preparing ourselves for the approaching new era of mobility.

“Investments for the new electric components must be borne by our present core business. We are therefore working at full speed on a Group-wide added value strategy based on investment and cost optimisation. This will ensure the future viability of Components and safeguard jobs in the long term.”

The management team for the future independent corporate entity will be chaired by Thomas Schmall.


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