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Research centre to develop advanced waste-to-energy techniques in Singapore

JFE Engineering Corporation has set up the Innovation Centre for Environmental Technology in Singapore to carry out research activities on ‘Development of Enhanced Utilisation Methodologies for Direct Melting Gasification’. This innovation centre is a first-of-its-kind for JFE outside Japan.

The centre will aim to develop advanced waste treatment technologies based on a Research Collaboration Agreement with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore using NTU’s upcoming waste-to-energy facility which will feature JFE’s shaft-type gasifying and direct melting furnace.

The main research activities of the centre are: verification of the gasifying and direct melting technology using biomass fuel; exploration and testing of diverse waste treatment; and development and validation of applications for slag produced by the direct melting gasification process.

The main advantage of JFE’s gasifying and direct melting furnace is its ability to produce slag, metal and other resources without the discharge of bottom ash.

Singapore, a country with relatively limited land area, is actively promoting the development of techniques and technologies which can reduce the volume of residues which require final landfill disposal.

JFE’s gasifying and direct melting furnace has attracted keen interest in Singapore as a next-generation waste treatment technology capable of alleviating the burden to the landfill through the production of high-quality slag.

Through this Innovation Centre, JFE aims to contribute to the development of advanced waste treatment practices and the creation of recycling-oriented societies for Singapore and worldwide.

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