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New books: We the robots

We occasionally highlight interesting books that have been brought to our attention by their publishers.

In this article, we bring to your attention the following four books, three of which are published by Elsevier, and one by Quarto.

If you have written or published a book that you think is relevant to our website’s subject matter and might interest our readers, why not let us know? 

The End of Driving: Transportation Systems and Public Policy Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
By Bern Grush and John Niles

elsevier end of driving

This book explores both the potential of vehicle automation technology and the barriers it faces when considering coherent urban deployment.

The book evaluates the case for the deliberate development of automated public transportation and mobility-as-a-service as paths towards sustainable mobility, describing critical approaches to the planning and management of vehicle automation technology.

The book serves as a reference for understanding the full life cycle of the multi-year transportation systems planning processes, including novel regulation, planning, and acquisition tools for regional transportation.

Application-oriented, research-based, and solution-oriented rather than predict-and-warn, this book concludes with a detailed discussion of the systems design needed for accomplishing this shift.

Smart Wheelchairs and Brain-Computer Interfaces: Mobile Assistive Technologies
By Pablo Diez

elsevier smart wheelchairs

This book combines the fields of neuroscience, rehabilitation and robotics via contributions from experts in their field to help readers develop new mobile assistive technologies.

It provides information on robotics, control algorithm design for mobile robotics systems, ultrasonic and laser sensors for measurement and trajectory planning, and is ideal for researchers in BCI.

A full view of this new field is presented, giving readers the current research in the field of smart wheelchairs, potential control mechanisms and human interfaces that covers mobility, particularly powered mobility, smart wheelchairs, particularly sensors, control mechanisms, and human interfaces.

Medical Innovation: Concept to Commercialization
By Kevin Behrns, Bruce Gingles and Michael Sarr

elsevier medical innovation

This book is a practical, step-by-step approach on how to move a novel concept through development to realize a commercially successful product.

Real-world experience cases and knowledgeable contributors provide lessons that cover the practices of diverse organizations and multiple products.

This important reference will help improve success and avoid innovation failure for translational researchers, entrepreneurs, medical school educators, biomedical engineering students and faculty, and aspiring physicians.

We:Robot – The Robots that Already Rule Our World
David Hambling

This illustrated book takes a broad look at the subject of robots and highlights their presence in almost every aspect of our lives.

The author, David Hambling, appears to have concentrated more on humanoid robots and marvels at the “ground-breaking machines” – once the realm of science fiction – that are now by our sides today.

Hambling is a technology journalist who writes for the Economist, New Scientist and Wired, among many other well-known titles.