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Hyundai Motor agrees partnership with AI startup and signs deal with Baidu on driverless tech

Hyundai Motor has agreed a new partnership with Chinese startup DeepGlint, which provides artificial intelligence products and solutions for the security and transportation market.

Hyundai says the DeepGlint partnership will enable it to utilize AI technology in multiple layers of its business and improve product quality as well as customer experience.

Hyundai has also signed a separate deal with Baidu to jointly develop autonomous driving technology. 

Baidu is China’s version of Google in that it is the leading internet search engine and is developing driverless car technology.

Hyundai says that the new partnerships will not only enhance customer experience, but also address sociocultural needs.

The partnership with DeepGlint will enable Hyundai Motor to implement artificial intelligence to gain competitive advantages in manufacturing, robotics, retail, and customer experience.

Euisun Chung, vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, said: “In order to make our vision a reality and further our innovation, we aim to work with the most creative and brightest businesses across multiple industries. Regardless of size and industry, Hyundai is open to any collaboration and partnership across regions, and China is where we see opportunities that will lead to groundbreaking solutions that shape our future.”

In addition to strengthening its AI capabilities, Hyundai is showcasing leadership in advanced technology with the all-new fuel cell electric vehicle, NEXO.

First unveiled at CES 2018 in January, the NEXO features Hyundai’s most advanced zero-emission powertrain, cutting-edge convenience, driver-assistance technologies and eco-friendly features such as an air purification system.

Also in the show, Hyundai will introduce the “Fuel Cell House”, in which visitors will see Hyundai’s energy control, home gardening, and air purification system using its technology.

In addition, Hyundai will also showcase the fine dust purification performance utilized by NEXO.

Hyundai says it believes that AI can empower the company to clearly understand customers’ needs and to help broaden customer experiences.

The company highlighted four focus areas where Hyundai plans to use AI to impact the future markets the most – manufacturing, retail, environment and seamless mobility.

Launching the new technologies and partnerships at the recent CES ASIA event, Chung said: “I believe the rise of innovation in China is driven by its passionate entrepreneurs and smart consumers. Particularly, Chinese consumers are leading such transformation by embracing new ideas and technologies.

“Therefore, our innovation efforts should go above and beyond customers’ expectation and should address on people and on things that are deeply related to our customers’ satisfaction.”

The partnership with DeepGlint will allow Hyundai to comprehensively deploy AI technology in many business areas, improving the quality of Hyundai’s products and customer satisfaction as well as creating a safer driving environment.

Dr Yong Zhao, CEO of DeepGlint, said: “Hyundai and DeepGlint both have faith that not only will AI enable products with more intelligence, but more importantly, it will help us deliver much more humanity in our manufacturing, products and society.”

DeepGlint is just one of several Chinese ICT partnerships Hyundai Motor is actively pursuing.

During the CES ASIA 2018, Hyundai also announced cooperation with Baidu, a leading global ICT firm based in Beijing, where the two parties will spearhead the technological development for autonomous driving through the Apollo Project.

Renowned global automakers, ICT companies, startups and academics are participating in the Baidu-led Apollo Project to jointly advance autonomous driving technologies.

Jin-woo Lee, vice president of Hyundai’s autonomous driving development center, said: “We aim to move beyond providing just means of transportation but autonomous driving experiences, which provide customers freedom in both space and time.

“We are reinforcing our collaboration with Baidu in order to hasten the development of cutting-edge technologies crucial to commercializing autonomous vehicles.”

Gu Weihao, general manager of Baidu, said: “We started collaborating with Hyundai beginning 2015 and now we are further strengthening our ties in the field of autonomous driving.”