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esit c-5 cobot

ESIT demonstrates new collaborative robot at FabTech Canada

ESIT has been demonstrating its new collaborative robot at the recent FabTech Canada event.

The company says its “GCIR” robot platform has successfully passed the “M-phase” review panel, which is probably to do with manufacturing.

“Now, we are going to process the small-quantity phase,” says the company on its website, adding that “our cobot … officially enters the market at the end of August”. 

Called the C-5, Esit’s collaborative robot has the following features:

  • payload of 15 kg;
  • precision of ± 0.05 mm;
  • prevention of impact with humans;
  • reach of 1,300 mm; and
  • hand guidance.

ESIT is a Canadian firm which is part of a larger company called Super Robotics.

For more information, read our exclusive interview with Dr Andrew Goldenberg, founder and chief technology officer of ESIT.