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Isra Vision claims its sensor system delivers ‘top performance for automated bin picking’

Robotic perception specialist Isra Vision claims its new sensor duo “delivers top performance for automated bin picking”.

Isra says its enhanced “versionmarket” sensor and a completely new four-camera solution with top speeds in scanning and data processing are taking fully automated bin picking to the next level.

The “extremely fast and robust sensors” reliably meet even difficult production requirements such as harsh environments and short cycle times, adds Isra. 

Equipped with embedded technology, Wi-Fi, and the OPC/UA communication protocol, the sensors are also “optimally prepared for networked production”.

The two fully automated bin picking sensors are new additions to what Isra Vision says is its “successful” range of IntelliPick3D products.

Isra claims that, with an embedded PC, the sensor design “completely eliminates the need for extensive wiring between the camera and the PC”, ensuring data transmission at the maximum possible speed.

It adds that users benefit from faster data processing and extremely short scanning times, and that the individual design of the two systems focuses on high process reliability and maximum speed.

With its multi-line laser illumination and optimum software extensions, the newly equipped IntelliPick3D-Pro is “particularly well-suited to difficult lighting conditions”, says Isra.

The PowerPick3D features quad-camera technology that achieves “new top speeds”, enabling scanning times in the millisecond range, claims Isra.

All Isra Vision’s bin-picking solutions are based on the company’s “point cloud technology”, which completely scans objects inside a container.

The various sensors use a CAD template to extract the components to be picked from this initially unstructured information.

Isra says this makes the system “quick and efficient” at learning new part geometries with the help of CAD datasets, the system can detect a virtually unlimited number of components.

The systems are compatible with all standard communication interfaces and can be easily installed in any environment thanks to their flexible installation system.

As part of the Touch & Automate portfolio, IntelliPick3D-Pro and PowerPick3D sensors are equipped with Wi-Fi as standard.

This makes them ready for the future of industrial production and perfectly prepared for the requirements of Industrie 4.0.