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Geek Plus boss says customer demand led company to go global

The senior executive responsible for the global operations of Geek Plus, the warehouse robotics and automation technology provider, says customer demand led the company to go global. 

Speaking to Robotics and Automation News at the recent e-commerce and logistics event, Deliver, Fung said the startup receives customer enquiries every day from all over the world.

Lit Fung, general manager of Geek Plus, said: “From 2016 to 2018, Geek Plus has delivered nearly 4,000 units of our self-driving intelligent robotics systems to more than 55 clients from various industries, including giants like Alibaba, Suning, China Post, and also customers from the third-party logistics sector as well as the pharmaceutical field.

“Apart from that, many customers in Europe, Southeast Asia, contact us to check if Geek Plus automated warehouse robots could be deployed and integrated to their warehouse systems, which strongly motivated us to expand our business to the global market.” 

Geek Plus was invited by Deliver to give a speech about robotics-as-a-service to warehouses.

geek plus lit fung pic 2
Lit Fung, far left, of Geek Plus, on stage at the Deliver event

Deliver is said to be Europe’s largest e-Logistics marketplace, and this time round was held in London, UK.

Fung, whose title also includes overseas director, attended the influential event as a guest speaker, giving a speech to 60 multinational e-logistics service providers, 50 decision-makers from e-commerce powerhouses from 35 different countries.

Deliver is said to have gathered the largest number of powerful e-logistics providers ever. Its events are said to bring together “the international elite in e-commerce and operations from the world’s largest and most iconic retailers to foster meaningful relationships”.

The conference program involved a global line-up of speakers, half of them coming from the US and China and speaking in Europe for the first time.

Among them were prominent logistics technology investors, disruptive robotics startups in delivery and warehousing, as well as e-commerce thought leaders.

Fung said: “It’s an honor that Geek Plus was invited to present in the panel of warehouse robotization and fulfillment automation and share our vision of robot’s application in supply chain and robot-as-a-service in warehouses, with no upfront investment and charge per pick instead.”

The featured warehouse in Suzhou China that Fung mentioned during the event is an example of Geek Plus Intelligent Logistics Solution, in which order fulfillment rate has exceeded 100,000 orders per day.

Intrigued by the diverse solutions and high performance, many e-commerce companies and retailers – including some worldwide famous high-end brands – approached Fung to explore more logistics automation solutions that Geek Plus is providing.

The company says many of these companies are considering deploying Geek Plus robots in their warehouses “to achieve efficient storage, greater productivity and fast and cost-effective delivery”.