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Pilz launches its first service robotics solutions at Automatica

A German company called Pilz has launched what it describes as a new range of “service robotics modules”. The company showcased the solutions at the ongoing Automatica event.

By “service robotics”, Pilz appears to mean solutions which include small, collaborative robots the company appears to have built by itself (see main picture).

The new range of solutions includes:

  • a “manipulator module” – by which Pilz seems to mean the robotic arm – with 6 axes and a load of 6 kg;
  • the control module with drive and control technology; and
  • the operator module including an operator and visualisation software developed by Pilz.

The company says its solutions go “beyond the classic service robotics applications in a non-industrial environment”.

The use of Pilz robotics modules with modular, semi-automated small robot cells in the industrial environment, the new modules are especially suitable for pick-and-place applications and applications with automatic guided vehicles, says the company.

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