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JOT Automation’s capital stock sold to Victory Precision

JOT Automation has sold its capital stock sold to Victory Precision. The companies say this is a sign of their further development heading towards globalization, and prepares for the next “quantum leap”. 

Suzhou Victory Precision Manufacture Company, headquartered in Suzhou, China, purchased the entire capital stock of JOT Automation, with Finnish family company Head Invest as the main seller.

According to Petri Halonen, JOT Automation CEO, the additional engineering and production resources provided by Victory Precision will significantly help JOT to pursue the opportunities of the fast-developing market and modern technologies. 

Halonen said: “JOT Automation has established itself as a leader in process and test automation solutions for the electronics industry and smart products.

“Together with Victory Precision, we form a unique combination of European technology know-how and unparalleled Chinese competitiveness and production scalability.”

Chairman Gao of Victory Precision said JOT Automation has “strong engineering and automation knowledge”. With the two parties complementing each other on various fronts, “outstanding synergy effects” can be created for the long run.

Gao said: “JOT automation has proven that it has the engineering knowledge and production experience that success in China and globally requires.

“Thanks to the new ownership and structure, we are able to fulfill the evolving needs of our partners and customers even better.”

JOT Automation will continue operating as an independent entity, under its well-known name and brand.

Halonen emphasizes that while the daily operations may seem business as usual, strong development will take place below the surface, taking the company forward.

Halonen said: “Our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible service in this particular line of industry. Ability to react quickly and even predict the direction of development is essential.

“Thanks to joining forces with Victory Precision, JOT Automation has what it takes to win, and that is good news to both the company as well as to our customers and partners.”