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Epson brings ‘WorkSense’ dual-armed robot to Europe

Epson Robots is demonstrating its newly expanded robotics range at Automatica 2018, including its new dual-arm robot, the WorkSense W-01.

This newly completed and unique line up of SCARA and vertical axis robots demonstrates Epson’s commitment to robotics innovation and to supporting growth in Europe, meeting the needs of both large and small manufacturers.

Volker Spanier, head of robotic solutions at Epson in the EMEAR region, says: “We know that robot adoption is likely to increase at between 10-20% year-on-year across Central and Eastern European countries over the next two years, the highest growth rate globally after China. 

“By simplifying robot programming, supporting complex manufacturing and providing packaged solutions, we aim to help remove any barriers to automation. We are likewise committed to working alongside our customers to deliver solutions that match their needs.”

The automatica 2018 show will see Epson’s European launch of the WorkSense W-01, an autonomous dual-arm robot, ideal for the automation of complex tasks and small lot sizes.

Described as “seeing, sensing, thinking, working” this intelligent robot is designed for largely autonomous production in a number of new and different applications – and comes equipped with a large number of internal sensors from cameras to force sensors.

Spanier adds: “With the help of a few intermediary steps and tools, the WorkSense W-01 is able to complete tasks autonomously that would previously have required a complicated, multi-robot setup.

“Bringing new flexibility to automation in Europe, we have begun working with our first global customer to automate some of their European manufacturing and are seeing first-hand the potential that this robot has.”

As part of its European growth vision, Epson has also expanded its six-axis and precision robotics offering to entry-level machines. Designed to meet the changing needs of European businesses, the new range of robots meets increasing demand for affordable automation by SMEs and more precise and efficient technology.

These announcements come at a time of growth and investment for Epson, whose 2025 vision is to be the global market leader in compact, precision robots.

Epson is already global market share leader in SCARA (horizontally articulated) robots, a title it has held for seven consecutive years1, and is on track to increase its current market share to 40 per cent by 2020.

Since the global rollout of three new models this month2, Epson is the only industrial robot producer in the world offering such a comprehensive price to performance ratio within its three product lines of SCARA robots and 6-axis robots – a truly scalable robotics offering.

The SCARA T6 robot, available for purchase on the Epson webstore, is perfect for ‘pick and place’ applications – precise and efficient – handling payloads of up 6kg, double that of its predecessor, the T3.

The VT6-L, also on display at automatica and available on the webstore, joins the lineup delivering ‘just enough’ robot to automate repetitive tasks at an extremely competitive price.

The N6 completes Epson’s robotics offering, providing revolutionary kinematics as a compact 6-axis industrial robot with a small footprint but incredible dexterity.

Epson’s corporate vision sees high revenue growth to 2025, with a substantial portion coming from its industry related business, which includes robotics.

The business continues to invest in new developments, such as human collaborative robots for the future.

Committed to leading the market forwards, the business will continue to expand its offering, providing manufacturing customers with sophisticated technology and tailored robotics solutions.