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Denison Consulting Group offers power management for manufacturers

Denison Consulting Group has launched a managed service to support how global manufacturers measure and manage energy and power quality.

U.S. manufacturers consume approximately 30 percent of the nation’s energy, and conservative estimates predict energy costs will rise over 70 percent by 2035.

Poor power quality is the reported cause of up to 70 percent of production disruptions and can cost manufacturers billions of dollars in downtime, lost production and inefficiencies.

Denison Consulting Group is providing the first cloud-based managed service built to mitigate these risks.

Using Denison’s managed service, core plant data is collected every 137 milliseconds. This data is then tracked against core metrics and thresholds, triggering time-stamped alarms for remedial action, ongoing insights and improved maintenance and efficiency.

The SCADA-compliant solution supports multiple standard protocols including DNP3 supporting time stamping of data critical to interpretation and ongoing analysis.

Plant floor data is represented in an ISA 101-compliant, easy-to-use, human machine interface (HMI), supporting both standard and custom report generation.

Denison’s cloud-based service is hosted in a fully redundant, SOC3 data centre, with 365/24/7 remote technical support. Denison’s tenured electrical and power engineering team are knowledgeable in plant operations and process and provide customers with ongoing engineered solutions increasing further efficiencies and cost reductions.

“Global manufacturers have trusted Denison as their Tier 1 supplier of our managed service. We are pleased to now be able to deliver our service suite to support and benefit other manufacturers as well,” says Dianne Denison, CEO.

“Our one-of-a-kind service takes the pressure off of manufacturers and places it in our hands, so that we can monitor energy and power quality for them – remotely, at a low cost, and with no necessary added on-site equipment.”