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Ansys partners with PTC to develop ‘groundbreaking’ simulation-driven 3D design solution

Ansys and PTC have agreed a partnership to accelerate product innovation by providing customers a “world-class simulation-driven design solution”.

The two companies that they will together to deliver Ansys Discovery Live real-time simulation within PTC’s Creo 3D CAD software.

The combined solution will be sold by PTC as part of the Creo product suite. 

The companies say the solution will offer customers “a unified modeling and simulation environment, removing the boundaries between CAD and simulation and enabling design engineers to gain insight into each of the many design decisions they make throughout the product development process”.

This insight will enable design engineers to create higher-quality products while reducing product and development costs, add the companies.

The collaboration between Ansys, which specialises in engineering simulation, and PTC, the leader in 3D CAD, leverages the companies’ respective technology strengths and market presence.

Ansys developed its groundbreaking, real-time simulation solution, Ansys Discovery Live, to further its strategy of Pervasive Engineering Simulation.

This combined solution will give designers the power of Creo, the award-winning 3D CAD solution from PTC, fully integrated with Ansys Discovery Live.

The integration of these two leading solutions brings real-time simulation into the modeling environment, creating an interactive design experience.

Jim Heppelman, president and CEO, PTC, says: “With the combined solution engineers will be able to see the real-time results of simulation during the modeling process, enabling them to understand design changes in their models.

“This capability has the potential to dramatically improve engineering productivity and quality and the combined solution can be a differentiator in the market.

“Partnering with ANSYS makes tremendous sense on every level.”

Currently being demonstrated at the LiveWorx 18 event this week, the first product planned to be delivered by the companies will integrate Ansys Discovery Live into Creo to enable instantaneous static structural, thermal, and modal simulation.

Over time, the companies intend to integrate the full breadth of Ansys Discovery simulation functionality into Creo.

Ajei Gopal, president and CEO, Ansys, says: “Ansys is the global leader in engineering simulation, and Discovery Live is the latest example of our innovation in action.

“By embedding Ansys Discovery Live into Creo, we will expand our audience to include design engineers – who will be able to design at the speed of thought.

“The power of simulation will now readily be provided to engineers as they make thousands of decisions and model explorations, providing them with unprecedented insight into their design choices.”

Today’s announcement continues the relationship between PTC and Ansys, which was announced last year with a solution that connects Ansys Twin Builder to the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform from PTC.