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Yamaha Motor to open advanced technology centre for robotics, AI and IT 

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is to open the Yamaha Motor Advanced Technology Center in Yokohama City, Japan, to further advanced technology development in the robotics, artificial intelligence, and IT fields.

As a hub for development of advanced technology such as AI/IoT, motion control, and image processing in the robotics field, Yamaha Motor plans for the Center to progressively commit, recruit, and develop advanced specialist human resources in each field.

At the same time, Yamaha Motor is also positioning the Center as a hub for open innovation, promoting linkages and collaboration with companies, universities, and research institutions which possess knowledge and strengths in advanced technology fields.

Yamaha Motor has put forth “growth in the solutions business field” and “advancement of the development of foundational technology” as key themes among the growth strategies in its Medium-Term Management Plan.

It has thus been working to strengthen development in the elemental technologies of robotics, artificial intelligence, and IT.

Through the opening of the new Center, Yamaha Motor will actively promote the gathering of information relating to various advanced technologies, strengthening of collaboration with related companies and universities, and taking advantage of the Center’s location to recruit and develop advanced technology human resources.