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CHL Systems becomes authorized Fanuc integrator

CHL Systems is now an “Authorized System Integrator” for Fanuc America.

Fanuc is a global leader in automation for manufacturing, and is estimated to have the largest number of industrial robotic arms installed around the world.

As a leading manufacturer and integrator for the past 60+ years, CHL Systems says it provides “a unique level of expertise for primary and secondary material handling solutions for general foods, meat, poultry, baking, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals”. 

CHL Systems now becomes part of the Fanuc Authorized System Integrator Network for automation systems.

The combination of reliable and intelligent robots, process expertise, and support services, will allow CHL Systems to offer its customers a seamless level of automation to their production lines.

End users will see an increase in productivity, reduction in costs, increased profits, and a safer workplace environment.

Both companies are excited about the possibilities this partnership provides.

Dick Motley, director, Authorized System Integrators, Fanuc America, says: “Fanuc is pleased to welcome CHL Systems to our network of Authorized System Integrators and the level of experience and expertise they offer material handling customers.

“It’s a perfect combination of CHL Systems’ expert system capabilities and Fanuc’s world-renowned robotic automation.

“We’re really looking forward to working together to provide productivity-enhancing solutions to a wide range of customers.”

Mike Giagnacova, chief operating officer, CHL Systems, says: “We look forward to collaborating with Fanuc on future projects and leveraging their experience in the world of robotic automation.

“This new relationship further enhances the commitment we have to our core mission, which is to give life to intelligent ideas through superior engineering, effective technology, and highly skilled craftsmanship.”