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NXP and AliOS partner on smart cockpits

Automotive semiconductor supplier NXP Semiconductors and AliOS, the operating system for Internet of Things solutions developed by Alibaba Group, have entered into a partnership to further drive the development of smart cars in China.

The partnership aims to install the AliOS system and NXP’s automotive infotainment solution in millions of vehicles in China by 2020.

The collaboration will help build a next-generation smart cockpit enhanced by multi-screen display, artificial-intelligence-driven interaction and secure Over-the-Air updates.

The digitisation of the automobile is driving dynamic change in the in-vehicle experience domain, a realm where connectivity and data have forged new conveniences for consumers and opportunities for businesses.

The new partnership, which will combine AliOS and NXP i.MX applications processors, is another step in the AliOS vision of a one-stop IoT solution, built with an integrated ecosystem that connects IoT and Cloud to make all IoT devices more intelligent.

AliOS can be applied to cars, smart home appliances, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets. The partnership will also explore the optimisation of software and hardware design for next-generation auto e-cockpits, future car broadcasting systems and beyond.

“Over the past three years, AliOS has been a pioneer in driving the digital transformation of cars and helping auto brands to enhance the overall user experience,” said Simon Hu, senior vice president of Alibaba Group and president of AliOS.

“By partnering with NXP, a global leader in the auto semiconductor sector, we hope to create a robust platform to spur the creation of more innovative technologies, reducing the costs associated with the mass production of smart vehicles.”

“Alibaba and NXP share the new vision that in-vehicle experiences and consumer services will be an essential differentiator for carmakers moving forward,” said Kurt Sievers, executive vice president and general manager of NXP automotive.

“Alibaba has great momentum in the development, innovation and application of automotive operating systems. Our i.MX applications processors have the processing power needed for new applications such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and e-commerce. We believe the partnership will bring rich opportunities to the auto industry.”