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Festo invests in artificial intelligence

Festo has bought IT enterprise company Resolto Informatik GmbH, which offers solutions including high-performance artificial intelligence for real-time applications in industrial companies.

Resolto solutions allow data to be interpreted in the field, and in close proximity to machines. This makes it possible to save energy, shorten cycle times, decrease the number of machine failures and minimise production scrap rates.

“We’ve been able to gain a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence for industry applications with Resolto”, said Dr Frank Melzer, Member of the Management Board Product and Technology Management at Festo.

In addition to other products, the Prognos software solution is interesting for Festo. It knows when the system is in good working order and detects each and every anomaly by means of real-time analysis of sensor data collected from the systems.

“Prognos delivers accurate prognoses at an early stage, generates diagnoses and recommends action. The system’s knowledge base grows continuously thanks to uninterrupted data collection. This permits more efficient production,” explained Tanja Krüger, Managing Director of Resolto.

“The issue of analytics and artificial intelligence will have a tremendous influence on our product portfolio… it will be possible to integrate artificial intelligence algorithms into the cloud and directly into Festo’s components”, added Dr Melzer.