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Panasonic shows off smart city parking technology

Panasonic North America highlighted some of its latest parking and safer roads technology at Smart Cities New York earlier this month, an event looking at future technologies for the urban space.

The company highlighted its IoT-connected Smart Parking Meter, which enables people to search and book vacant parking spaces on their smartphones, alongside another solution for cities to use parking space operational data for future transport and development planning.

In addition, Panasonic introduced the “Smart Street solution” which combines security camera and image analysis of pedestrian traffic with AI.

Many cities in Europe and the United States are working on Vision Zero (zero pedestrian traffic injuries) and are focusing on making roads and intersections more safe.

Panasonic started testing this technology last year in Denver, Colorado, as part of a smart city project, CityNOW, which aims to achieve Vision Zero. This technology identifies pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle and automobile traffic to and from intersections and tracks the speed and volume of traffic flow.

Panasonic plans to acquire data from this system and develop a solution to further reduce accidents and improve road operation.