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What is the latest suave geek toy on market?

Gadgets are to nerds what wine is to alcoholic – pure bliss. With the advances in technology in the past couple of decades, tons of new gadgets have come into the market. Right from fitness, to car accessories, to survival gear, to video games, to smart tech gadgets, there’s something for everyone.

Last few years have seen a lot of cool toys hit the market that would be any geek’s dream so much so that geeks are willing to take short term loans to own these toys. 

Here’s looking at the latest suave toys on the market that they are crushing on:

Furbo Dog camera with treat tossing – A pet lover’s dream, this HD camera with night vision monitors your dog at home when you’re at work. With the two way speaker and barking sensor, you can learn when your pet is upset and talk to it to calm it down. It also comes with a treat tosser, which tosses pre-stored food directly to your dog’s bowl.

Batman USB LED adjustable Night Light – Shaped as Batman’s mask, this power saving USB LED lamp is the perfect solution for when you’re working on your laptop late at night.

Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker – It is a wrist band which is your heart rate monitor as well as your health and fitness coach. Inbuilt with a personalized AI and diet plans, it monitors your workout regimes, sleep cycles, food consumed etc.

Eufy Genie smart speaker – Equipped with Amazon Alexa, this portable speaker offers dynamic sound and has a 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi support. You can also use Alexa to check the news, weather, access different sites, and manage your smart home.

Keyboard Waffle Iron – For someone who loves food as much as they love computers, this is a must-have. Shaped in the form of a keyboard, this waffle iron is perfect for making scrumptious keyboard shaped waffles.

TracR Bravo – Never fear to lose your keys again. Keep this small little IR disk below your keys or wallet. Whenever you’re missing your keys, use the tracR app to make the device ring and find your keys. You can even program your app so that it gives you an alert if you step out of your house without your wallet.

Electric Sideboard – Electric Sideboards give you great speed, a firm grip, and higher safety. Equipped with high endurance levels, swappable batteries, hill climbing capacity, and USB ports, these are even waterproof.

Snapchat Spectacles – Click photos and record videos on the go. Charge it with its portable charging case and sync it with your phone to instantly upload pictures, and videos to Snapchat.

Apple home pod – This amazing speaker apple not only adapts to your music tastes but also doubles up as a digital assistant for your smart home.

Alarm Clock rug – For those who have trouble waking up in the morning, here’s a bedside rug, inbuilt with an alarm which won’t stop ringing till you get out of bed and place your feet on it.

Other than these, there are wireless 2.4g gaming Ironman mouse, a cute little dancing Groot Bobble action figure, a Lego brick USB 2.0 16 GB flash drive, a Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster, Jedi Dressing gowns with hood, pocket, and belt, magnetic bottle openers, a portable wireless charging mouse pad and tons of other interesting toys.

At times they do cost a bomb, but there are short-term loans available that help make your gadget dreams come true.