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MachineMetrics partners with Tsugami/Rem to market industrial IoT platform

MachineMetrics and Tsugami/Rem Sales have entered a partnership to bring predictive manufacturing analytics and remote machine monitoring to customers across North America.

The MachineMetrics Industrial IoT manufacturing analytics platform, paired with Tsugami/Rem Sales’ Swiss-type machines will benefit end-user customers through improved production visibility, predictive analytics, and service.

Bill Bither, CEO of MachineMetrics, says: “For years now we have been working directly with manufacturers to improve manufacturing equipment uptime, OEE, and productivity with real-time machine monitoring and analytics. 

“By allowing machines to be monitored remotely and in real-time, we are enabling Tsugami/REM Sales to extend these benefits to their customer base while providing them with faster, better service.

“Our data science team is working closely with the data to deliver optimized preventative and predictive maintenance specific to Tsugami machines to improve machine uptime.”

With the release of MachineMetrics Health for Equipment Manufacturers, the company says any machine maker or distributor can improve their customer service by resolving machine problems without the necessity of an on-site visit.

Service managers and technicians can remotely monitor, manage, diagnose and resolve customer’s machine issues for any piece of connected equipment in the field and in real-time using MachineMetrics cellular edge device.

The historical and real-time machine data collected allows equipment manufacturers to gain insight into customers’ equipment health and condition, identify new service opportunities with analytics and reporting, predict and deliver early warning of potential equipment failures, highlight elevated risk areas that lead to machine downtime, or even determine to take preventative action before it impacts a customer’s machine performance.

With MachineMetrics: Remote Service, equipment manufacturers can transform their approach to service with the ability to see, understand and take action from anywhere at any time.

Data from thousands of connected machines allow the MachineMetrics Data Science team to work with service teams to identify trends and develop standard preventative maintenance and repair schedules that benefit both the service team and the customers.

Michael Mugno, vice president, Tsugami/Rem Sales, says: “Tsugami/Rem Sales is thrilled to partner with MachineMetrics, bringing cutting edge, disruptive technology directly into our end-users’ businesses.

“The addition of MachineMetrics to our Swiss-turn machine platform packages allows users to collect data on machine health, production status, downtime, and so much more that they may never have known existed – bettering businesses across the industry.”