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Sony sells 11,000 units of robot dog Aibo

Sony says it sold exactly 11,111 units of its robot dog, Aibo, in the three months since the mechatronic canine’s re-release in January this year. 

This is according to a report on The Mainichi website, which calls the sales performance a “solid start”.

This comment would indicate that the sales numbers are in line with, or indeed exceed, Sony’s targets. 

Which may seem surprising considering that the previous incarnation of Aibo – between 1999 and 2006 – sold vastly more units in total.

The previous version of Aibo sold 150,000 units, according to The Mainichi.

The new Aibo is currently only being sold in Sony’s home country of Japan, for a price of around $1,800 for the robot dog itself and another $800 or so for a three-year cloud subscription service.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has said, however, that Aibo will eventually be sold in other markets, including the US and China.