One device for data acquisition, evaluation and cloud storage

A single device to acquire data, evaluate it and send it to the cloud is now possible with B&R‘s Edge Controller.

The powerful industrial PC can even be used for big data analysis and machine learning, says the company, while at the same time serving as a fully-fledged industrial controller.

B&R’s Edge Controller is based on the robust Automation PC 910, whose high-performance variant is equipped with an Intel XEON processor able to handle resource-intensive tasks like machine learning.

The Edge Controller runs a hardened operating system – a commercial Linux variant with guaranteed long-term support. Cloud transmission occurs via MQTT.

B&R Hypervisor makes it possible to simultaneously run a real-time operating system on the Edge Controller. That turns the edge device into a fully-fledged industrial controller with cycle times in the sub-millisecond range.

An unlimited number of I/O modules or controllers can be connected via the POWERLINK Industrial Ethernet protocol, OPC UA or other fieldbus systems. In the future, this will also be possible with OPC UA TSN.

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