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Balluff releases new magnetostrictive linear position sensor for explosion hazard areas

Balluff has released a new magnetostrictive linear position sensor for explosion hazard areas.

Control and shut-off valves are used for oil and gas transmission in refineries and petrochemical plants.

The valve position is regulated using the position measuring systems, because they are extremely reliable, especially in very harsh environments. 

When explosion protection has the highest priority, Balluff says its new, certified position measuring system BTL7-T500 is “the right choice”.

With its many international approvals, such as ATEX and IECex, Balluff says the BTL7-T500 offers a broad range of applications, high reliability and safe operation in explosion hazard areas of Zone 0 and Zone 1.

BTL Dx_Produkt

This means, for example, it can be used as well for continuous level measurement in refinery tanks.

The Profibus interface also offers great flexibility, says Balluff. The position measuring system can be quickly adapted, saves time in installation and means rapid diagnostics of possible errors.

This shortens commissioning time of systems and maintenance when service calls are needed. A single cable suffices for hookup (BUS-in-out, power).

The non-contact and thereby wear-free magnetostrictive measuring system in the stainless steel housing with IP 67 protection is not only extremely insensitive to contamination, but also shock rated to 100 g. It also withstands vibration up to 12 g.

With a resolution of 1µm and repeat accuracy of 10µm it operates with extreme precision and is also the ideal solution when the position and speed measurement needs to be performed simultaneously in a system.

BTL linear magnetostrictive transducers from Balluff in the rod style and installed in hydraulic cylinders have for decades proven their reliability in the most demanding areas of application.

The magnetostrictive operating principle allows it to be installed in hermetically sealed housings. The position information is transmitted without contact via magnetic fields through the housing wall into the interior of the sensor.