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Locus Robotics releases third generation of its Advanced Navigation system

Locus Robotics, provider of autonomous, collaborative robots for use in e-commerce fulfilment warehouses, has introduced Advanced Navigation 3.0 (LRAN3 or “Puffin”) to increase the agility and performance of its robots in the warehouse.

“Locus Robotics Advanced Navigation 3.0 addresses one of the most challenging aspects of fulfilment robotics and automation: the dynamic nature of the warehouse,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics.

“LRAN3 enables LocusBots to actively adapt to minute-by-minute changes within a facility, identifying obstacles and navigating tactically around them, to successfully complete their mission.”

In addition to continuous robotic adaptation functionality, LRAN3 introduces superior proxemics navigation, allowing LocusBots to navigate more smoothly with tighter tolerances, creating a truly collaborative, highly scalable human-robot workforce that does not compromise worker comfort or safety.