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Hannover Messe: Global expansion for events platform

Deutsche Messe is the company behind the annual Hannover Messe industrial technology show, and generates annual revenues of around $360 Million, give or take $100 million.

The company has been expanding recently into Asia, with several new trade events for the manufacturing industry as well as the logistics sector.

For the logistics sector, Deutsche Messe holds a series of events under the brand name of CeMAT. While both these events are expectedly huge in Germany, they are also rather large in other parts of the world.

One of the new events the company has launched is the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific show, scheduled for later this year, and to be held in Singapore.

This particular show could be said to be a commercial success even before its first time out, with 60 per cent of exhibition space already allocated.

The Singapore show, together with the three other technology events the company has introduced in recent years in China, as well as the several CeMAT shows dotted around the continent, Deutsche Messe is clearly looking for growth in Asia.

In the US, the company is looking to repeat the success of the original Hannover Messe, as well as specialise through branding one of its shows as Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives, or IAMD.

For the Eurasia region, which, to some, basically means Russia, CeMAT has been growing year by year.

That’s all actually just a portion of Deutsche Messe’s total business, which includes better-known events such as CeBIT, the computer technology showcase, as well as a many other trade shows.