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Butler goods-to-person robotics systems at three new sites

Robotics and supply chain automation company, GreyOrange, will install its Butler robotics system at three new sites, located in Japan and Europe.

The upcoming site in Japan is for Trusco Nakayama Corporation, a  wholesale trading company specializing in machine tools and equipment for production sites, wholesale distributors and retailers. Its range of over 335,000 products includes over 2,300 brands and manufacturers.

Customers in Europe include a Global 3PL using the Butler system for one of its pan-European distribution operations in Benelux and a leading e-commerce platform for its regional fulfilment centre.

There is continued interest in GreyOrange robotics solutions among companies who seek to optimise their complex order fulfilment operations to achieve cost competitiveness and improved service levels to their customers.

Nalin Advani, CEO – APAC, GreyOrange said: “These sites will deploy an advanced combination of robotics and Artificial Intelligence which will increase their efficiencies multifold. GreyMatter, our warehouse execution software platform, optimises large and complex operations in real-time. The Butler system was selected to improve productivity in distribution centres located where finding labour is a huge challenge.”

Dieter Berz-Voege, CEO – EMEA, GreyOrange added, “The Butler robotics solution offers a compelling business case as logistics managers look to improve productivity from end-to-end of their supply chain processes.

“The boom in e-commerce globally has resulted in many more businesses needing to manage same day order-to-dispatch times instead of next or more days for delivery.”

A multinational technology company, GreyOrange is a market leader in AI-powered robotics systems for automation in warehouses, distribution and fulfilment centres.

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