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Top 4 things to remember when selecting the lifting hook for your bell furnace

Technology is advancing at a massive rate, and you get to witness new developments every now and then. One of the latest developments is that now you can get hold of a lifting hook for bell furnaces. These hooks are used to lift and transport the bell furnace.

You will find many different lifting hooks available on the market so it can be difficult for you to make your choice. Let us define the criteria for selecting the lifting hook so that you can make your choice with ease.

How to select the lifting hook for bell furnace

Choose a reputed company

When you are choosing a lifting hook the most important thing is that you should opt in for a reputed brand. This way you will not have to worry about the quality issues.

Go for a failsafe design

The most important thing you need to remember when selecting a lifting hook is that you need to go for a failsafe design. The company should offer you the guarantee that it is almost impossible for the lifting hook to drop the load.

Do not forget to check the safety feature

You also need to keep the safety feature into consideration when you buy the lifting hook. Ideally, there should be a locking system, and the hook should not lift the load till it is locked.

When you opt for ordinary lifting hooks, then the biggest issue that you face is poor visibility. Well, you need to ensure that the lifting hook you select offers you a safety feature like an LED status indicator.

The LED status indicator should be easily visible from the position of the operator. When you go for a good quality lifting hook, then you will be able to get access to four different colour codes with the LED status indicator.

When you see the blue light, then it means that hook is locked and ready for lifting the load. When you witness the red light, then it is a warning to you that the hook is not locked and the load should not be lifted at this point.

If you do not have these LED colour codes available with your lifting hook, then this means that you are putting your safety on the line which is surely not a smart move by any means. The best lifting hooks have the green light as well that indicate that the load can be released.

The ace lifting hooks are designed keeping into consideration the convenience of the user, so their LED Status indicator has a white light also that indicates that the battery is quite low.

The cost factor

The cost is also a factor you need to consider. Ideally, you should acquire quotes from the top lifting hook manufacturers and then compare them. You should also compare the features you get in the package. This way it will become easier for you to make your choice.

Remember all these aspects when selecting your lifting hook for bell furnaces.