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Delta demonstrates smart manufacturing capabilities at Hannover

Delta, a provider of industrial automation solutions, unveiled its integrated smart factory and energy management solutions at Hannover Messe 2018.

Delta’s High-Flexibility Multi-Tasking Smart Production Line features integration of our digital manufacturing monitoring platforms, IIoT technologies, three robot workstations and a smart conveyor to let visitors perform on-site order processing and real-time monitoring of the customized production process.

In addition, the new 3D Vision Inspection System enhances logistics efficiency through precise package shape and dimension identification.

Mr. Andy Liu, general manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group, said: “Smart manufacturing is not only a trend but an imperative way for companies to sharpen their competitive edge.

“Delta remains focused on strengthening the capabilities of its industrial automation solutions and their underlying software and hardware platforms, to help customers attain superior performance and lower carbon emissions through smart manufacturing in their operations.”

“Our showcase at Hannover Messe 2018 is specifically designed to prove how our next-generation solutions and integration prowess converge to turn smart manufacturing into a reality.”

Visitors to Delta at the Hannover Messe can experience of on-site ordering, real-time monitoring and customized production when utilizing the newly-showcased High-Flexibility Multi-Tasking Smart Production Line, a 4-meter fully-integrated manufacturing platform with Delta’s  industrial automation solutions and a smart conveyor at its core.

Customers will place orders for customized products via on-site PC, tablet and smartphone devices. A cloud system channels the orders into the Delta Manufacturing Execution System (DIAMES) which subsequently issues an order-tracking QR code.

A newly-developed Smart Conveyor analyses production status data and sends in-process products to idle robot workstations to optimize time and production efficiency.

Two 6-axis articulated robot arms DRV90L series to execute high-precision pick & place, stocking and delivery of multiple product types as well as one SCARA robot arm DRS60L to perform swift product packaging. The robots identify products via Delta’s DMV2000 machine vision system, which discerns varying positions, shapes and colours.

The Delta Manufacturing Management Platform (DIAMMP) carries out real-time visualized monitoring of order status and production performance data.

The newly-launched Industrial Barcode Scanner DAH series will read the QR code in their SMS notification to identify the product in the storage area, which will be retrieved by one of the 6-axis articulated robots.

Another attraction at the booth is a live demo of Delta’s new 3D Machine Vision Solutions, including the stereo vision sensor and 3D scanner.

These newly-developed 3D vision inspection systems have been conceived to boost efficiency and reduce operating costs in logistics applications through rapid and precise identification of product packages’ shapes as well as height, length and width dimensions, which are displayed in real-time for visitors.