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Comau presents its vision of the future at automotive summit

Comau presented its vision of the future at the 4th Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit in Guangzhou, China this month. The summit brought together more than 1,000 professionals from the automotive industry.

“It’s an honour to present our vision of digital transformation and smart manufacturing,” said Mauro Anselmetto, CEO of Comau China and ASEAN.

“Digitalization is transforming the industry in amazing ways. Comau approaches Industry 4.0 with easy to use solutions, value-added manufacturing solutions, and human-robot collaboration. HUMANufacturing, as we call it, is our way to Industry 4.0.

“In the factory of the future, industrial robots are no longer confined within barriers, but can work closely and in total security with man, who plays a central role in the production process.

“The interaction between operators and machines is made efficient and secure by collaborative robots and new digital technologies. Industrial machines become smarter, more flexible, and easier to use in an integrated and connected manufacturing system.”

More than 100 Comau assembly lines have been installed in automotive plants of China.

“ComauFlex is an operational philosophy that maximizes production efficiency and creates a more orderly and rational layout of the industrial production environment,” said Comau China’s Global Solution Development Manager Mr. Tao Xiaowei.

“The system guarantees the maximum in operations flexibility, even when dealing with space constraints or the pressure to machine large volumes of new materials and joint types.”

He continued: “LHYTE is a cutting-edge hybrid laser solution that combines a direct diode and fiber laser source within the same modular system.

The system is adaptable to any industrial application and enables Comau to meet the needs of a market in continuous evolution, in which manufacturers and system integrators are constantly in search of high-performance, versatile technologies.”

With over four decades of experience in the automotive sector, Comau offers a complete range of advanced, modular and digital manufacturing solutions for traditional, hybrid and next-generation electric vehicles.