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Komatsu acquires forest machine simulator firm Oryx Simulations

Komatsu Ltd. has acquired Oryx Simulations through Komatsu Forest AB, a wholly owned subsidiary in Sweden. Oryx Simulations, headquartered in Umeå, Sweden, designs, develops, manufactures and sells simulators of forest machines.

Oryx Simulations has been developing forest machine simulators in collaboration with Komatsu Forest AB since the 1990s. As the operation of forest machines such as harvesters is very complicated, the use of simulators is indispensable for operator training.

The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells operator training simulators of forest machinery and construction equipment. Oryx Simulations has sold two harvester simulators in Japan so far.

Oryx Simulations has a wealth of real-time simulation expertise and leads the industry with other cutting-edge technologies. By incorporating their technological expertise, the Komatsu Group will broaden service operations designed to further improve customers’ convenience.