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Panasonic to show connected supply chain solutions for Industry 4.0 at Hannover

Panasonic Corporation will be exhibiting its full range of logistics solutions at CeMAT 2018, the trade fair for the intralogistics and supply chain management sector, which will be held from April 23-27 in Hannover, Germany.

Panasonic will use live demonstrations and video displays to introduce its solutions to maximize operational efficiency at each step of the supply chain, from labelling and dispatch error detection at factories, to sorting and loading at distribution centres, on to transport and proof of delivery.

A video display at the front of the booth will illustrate the flow of logistics information and material tracking processes from the point of receiving an order all the way to delivery, highlighting the various products and solutions that Panasonic offers to contribute to supply chain operations.

Furthermore, Panasonic’s group company, Zetes Industries S.A., will be exhibiting its software solutions for supply chain management and operation.

In the factory & warehouse solutions area of the booth, Panasonic will showcase its range of Cloud-based solutions which enable real-time product and asset traceability; quick and easy identification, serialization and aggregation on packaging lines; and easy and faster (no error) warehouse operations for more reliable delivery.

Furthermore, an RFID/Image ID Gate system demo will show how parcels passing through the gate can be immediately scanned simultaneously, in units of individual products or pallets, by RFID and/or 2D barcode to reconfirm if the deliverables contain the correct items and quantity.

In the distribution centre solutions area, Panasonic’s Visual Sort Assist system will demonstrate how boxes on a conveyor are traced by sensors, measuring the size, then projecting onto the box the assigned sorting information in numbers and colours.

An Automated Transport System which employs a compact-size fork-lift robot to pick up and deliver pallets autonomously to their assigned destination will be demonstrated, as well as a wearable Power Assist Suit solution to support the loading/unloading of heavy parcels — thus decreasing fatigue to the user.

In the delivery solutions area, Zetes’ proof of delivery software which is said to ensure perfect delivery through real-time control over collection/delivery and management processes will be displayed; along with field mobility solutions that maximize and empower service teams to support complex direct store delivery and van sales operations; and user friendly in-store solutions for mobile devices to improve in-store processes by providing real-time on-shelf availability information.

Moreover, the company’s Smart Locker which enables unmanned pick-up and delivery services of parcels with security access managed by the Cloud will be displayed in the booth.

In addition to the solutions areas, a section of the booth will be introducing the company’s new products, including a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) utilizing MCL Technologies’ software which is dedicated to supply chain process execution and full control over mobile device asset management; two new technologies for instant 3D or thermal measurement of parcels using the cameras on Panasonic’s Toughpad devices; as well as an array of rugged mobile devices which are able to endure the harsh usage environments of factories, warehouses and delivery networks.

Panasonic’s feature-packed devices, software and thorough knowledge of logistic centres enable it to create and propose effective solutions, and thus solve problems in operational processes at each step of the supply chain.
Panasonic as a strategic B2B partner: Gemba Process Innovation.

Panasonic is at booth (Hall 20 / Stand C73),