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Omron’s machine vision technology wins innovators award

Omron Automation has received an award for its “groundbreaking machine vision technology”.

Vision Systems Design, a news source about machine vision and image processing, has named Omron as one of its 2018 Innovators Award honorees.

Omron says it recently upgraded its machine vision portfolio to include several cutting-edge technologies that expand its ability to address challenges in automation. 

These innovations combine “unprecedented power, speed and precision with elegant and intuitive hardware”, making it easier than ever to drive automation forward with all-encompassing solutions, claims Omron.

Omron adds that its machine vision product portfolio addresses specific challenges for the factory of the future.

The MicroHawk MV family puts advanced machine vision capability into extremely compact and embedded devices that help manufacturers make the best possible use of space.

Taking vision power to a whole new level, the one-of-a-kind Hawk MV-4000 puts near-PC processing speeds into a single smart camera.

These technologies complement Omron’s existing machine vision systems which include the popular FH Series.

This “best-in-class” vision system is known for its unique combination of high-speed inspection, high-precision measurement and minimal programming requirements.

The MicroHawk readers and the Hawk MV-4000 are innovations that build upon Omron Microscan technologies.

Omron’s 2017 acquisition of Microscan Systems, brought a wealth of vision and barcode reading expertise into its portfolio, and the company says it is “ready to take the lead in comprehensive, vision-based solutions for industrial automation”.