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XPO launches cloud-based, digital freight marketplace

XPO Logistics, a global provider of transport and logistics solutions, has introduced XPO Connect, a cloud-based, digital freight marketplace that is fully automated, self-learning and dynamic.

The platform is designed to provide shippers with a single point of entry for visibility across modes in real time, making it possible to identify opportunities for time and cost savings, says the company.

Through XPO Connect, shippers gain access to business intelligence that they can use to purchase transport more efficiently; this includes visibility of fluctuations in capacity, spot rates and load postings by geography.

Shippers can access carrier capacity, assign loads and track freight movements through one login. The company has designed XPO Connect to integrate all modes of transport.

Troy Cooper, chief operating officer of XPO Logistics, added, “We’re leveraging our leading positions across the supply chain to help companies transform how they do business. The investments we’re making in disruptive technology will change the game in transportation and logistics. XPO Connect gives our customers industry-first access to each new capability.”

XPO invests more than $450 million in technology annually across its global organization, resulting in the development of technology systems and mobile applications. These include the company’s proprietary Freight Optimizer brokerage system, Drive XPO mobile capabilities for carriers, Ship XPO web-based consumer tools for e-commerce and its WMx warehouse management platform.

The company focuses on four areas of innovation: automation and intelligent machines, visibility and customer service, the digital freight marketplace and dynamic data science.